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Labor / Management Committee by Tim Dougherty
Posted On: Mar 01, 2020


Tim Dougherty

The Penelec Labor / Management Committee consists of representatives from the company and the union.  The company is represented by senior management and the union is represented by our business manager, business reps and a cross-section of our union brothers and sisters from our various craft lines and locations throughout Penelec.


The L/M Committee meets quarterly to jointly address and resolve problems before they become a major issue or a grievance.  These may be issues which are not directly defined in our contract or they may be new issues that impact our jobs as well as the company’s needs.


This proactive approach helps avoid a problem before it happens.  Having representatives from our different craft lines providing input on what will affect their jobs has been a key component in making this committee a success.  This also provides the ability to solve an issue that is beneficial to both the union and the company.


With new technology evolving so rapidly in our industry, the L/M Committee has been a great forum for us to address the effects on our jobs and how our union brothers and sisters are going to be a significant part of these changes in our industry. 


The following is a small list of items that are accomplishments of our L/M Committee:


A.  Having alternate work schedules and having the option to take company vehicles home for our shift members helps to promote a work life balance.

B.   Paid volunteer time off helps our members give back to their community while being compensated by the company.

C.   There have been numerous training issues addressed.

D.  Penelec Labor Management SAFETY Committee.  This outreach of L/M Committee is one of the most significant accomplishments as it allows our members to voice their safety concerns and provide input on safety issues at the highest level.


Although the union and company may not always agree on certain issues, the L/M Committee has been a great forum to listen and voice each other’s concerns and has been very beneficial to our members.



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