IBEW Local 459, PA

If we don't vote, the consequences could devastate our families

Monday, November 3, 2014

As a Union, we fight every day for the welfare of our members. From grievance meetings to contract  negotiations, we fight to improve what we can and protect what we have.  We also take the halls of government -  stakes are high this year.

Every vote is critical this year.  We must show up to elect our champions who defend workers' rights against the continued attacks of corporate politicians and their wealthy allies.  If we don't vote, the consequences could devastate our families: a full-scale attack on workers, ending our rights on the job and gutting the programs and services we depend on, like Social Security and Medicare, just so they can give more tax breaks to the rich.  It's up to voters like us to stand for what's right by voting on November 4th.

The 2014 Pennsylvania election is especially critical for union members, for all working people in Pennsylvania. No one wins waging war on the public education and turning a blind eye to the needs and concerns of the middle class. The need for vital government services still exists. To undermine voting rights, supporting an agenda to eliminate collective bargaining and trying to sell off valuable public assets is not the answer.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th and how you vote is a personal decision.  To see a list of friendly candidates endorsed by your union and by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, simply visit www.paaflcio.org