IBEW Local 459, PA

Business Representative Reports

Monday, July 14, 2014

NRG Energy
There is a lot of activity at NRG Energy right now.  With the large number of NRG retirements in the spring and with the filling of jobs that were left unfilled earlier, we have a lot of local 459 members moving to new positions in the generating stations.  We also have new hires becoming IBEW members for the first time and IBEW brothers transferring from other locals into ours from eastern stations scheduled for closing.  Unlike these stations, it appears that Shawville Station has dodged closure with the announcement that it is going to be repowered with gas. This was definitely good news for our Clearfield, Pa. brothers and sisters.

Although tax forms are not usually seen as good news, they were for the Homer City former EME employees who received them.  These individuals are eligible for a share of the $3.8 million healthcare settlement due to the EME bankruptcy court ruling.  Also more welcoming news for our members and their families is  Conemaugh Station's celebration of achieving two years without a recordable injury.

- Ron Itell, Sr. Business Representative

Western District
In the Western District I have been negotiating 2 contracts that deal with electric motor repair. These two companies aren't doing well, sales are down and they don't have a lot of money to work with. I may have a 1 year extension with Pittsburgh Electric Motor Inc.  I am still in talks with Globe Electric. The company wants the members to pay half of the cost of their Health Insurance because that's what the rest of the companies are doing. However I have a tentative agreement with a raise and the same 15% towards the health insurance. On a different matter two Union Members of Center Township, one from the water department. and one from the sanitation department, will be given supervisory roles by the end of this year. The two positions will now be Union positions. -

Scott Baker, Sr. Business Representative

NRG Mobile Maintenance Group
I began my career in Mobile Maintenance starting in June of 1978. After five years I went to the Warren Generating Station where I continued to work until it closed in the fall of 2002. While I was at the Warren Station, I was the Chief Steward for the majority of the years and a member of Local 1124 Executive Board prior to the merger into Local 459.  From 2002 to 2003 I served as a Business Rep. for our local mostly in the Warren PA and Jamestown NY units. Currently my main area of focus is the NRG Mobile Maintenance group. I am working on the day to day issues that arise and will be involved in the Mobile Maintenance discussions indicated in our current bargaining agreement.
- Rick Ackley, Business Representative

Penelec Erie, PA
I have been employed with Penelec in the Electrical Equipment Dept. in Erie, Pa. since 2005. Currently, I am involved with the new grounding procedures OSHA has mandated for the utility industry, making sure our members are protected on the job site with the most recent safe-work practices. Meetings are scheduled in Clearfield, July 29th through the 31st. I am also on the Labor / Management Committee as well as the Labor  / Management Safety Committee. Please notify me if you have any concerns by calling the Hall.

- Eric Schneider, Business Representative

BA Report
I am an Electrical and Instrumentation Tech. at Keystone Station for NRG Energy.  I have been an IBEW member for 11 years.  I currently serve on the Executive Board, and I am a Business Representative and  a Steward at Keystone Station.  As a Business Representative, I am currently working with Ron Itell on an MOA for Seward Retention and a possible MOU for Keystone Operations.  On top of all that, we are also very busy processing grievances for our members.

- Aric Baker, Business Representative

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