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Thursday, October 22, 2015
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Race is important to union members.  Please check out the PA AFL-CIO's endorsed candidates for the PA Supreme Court:

Something huge is happening on November 3rd, 2015.  Many of your neighbors who have never voted in a judicial election before will be showing up at the polls this year because of the historic opportunity to elect THREE Supreme Court Justices. This election could determine control of the highest court in Pennsylvania for a generation.

The Supreme Court is our last line of defense against anti-union politicians.  In just the past few years we have seen the Court strike down an unconstitutional Voter Suppression law that was designed to disenfranchise our seniors, poor, and working class voters; and we have seen attempts to gut public pensions, destroy collective bargaining, eliminate prevailing wage, and abolish the freedom to organize unions. In the coming years, a Supreme Court that values the rights of workers may very well be the only thing that stands between your job and those who would deny you the fruits of your labor.

Luckily, we have an outstanding endorsed slate of qualified, fair, and honest candidates running this year. Judge David Wecht, Judge Kevin Dougherty, and Judge Christine Donohue have been recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  Moreover, they are products of working class families who value the rights of workers, and who understand the central role that labor unions have played in establishing the middle class in this Country.  All three of these Judges will be outstanding Supreme Court Justices, who will defend workers’ rights, voting rights, and civil rights in Pennsylvania.
But they will not be elected if union members and our families stay home on Election Day.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s Endorsed Candidates:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court (Vote For 3)

  • Judge, David Wecht
  • Judge, Kevin Dougherty
  • Judge, Christine Donohue

Pennsylvania Superior Court

  • Alice Beck-Dubow

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

  • Mike Wojcik

Click here to download the below flyer.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd.  How you vote is a personal decision.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO believes that Judge David Wecht, Judge Kevin Dougherty, and Judge Christine Donohue are the best choices for Supreme Court, and recommends voting for all three candidates; along with Alice Beck-Dubow for Superior Court, and Mike Wojcik for Commonwealth Court.  These candidates have all been endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.  To learn more about these and other candidates, go to www.paaflcio.org.

Click here to download the below flyer.

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