IBEW Local 459, PA

NRG – Homer City Generating Station – Update # 2

Friday, September 15, 2017
It is emotionally difficult for the committee members to find common ground for what is best.  We must keep in mind; the plant needs to be in a position to run competitively and most importantly to keep any number of displaced members to an absolute minimum.  If the plant is not running, no one wins.  If we can work in the short term to improve the plant and keep it viable, hopefully, we can all emerge from the bankruptcy in a better position for the long term with everyone employed and the Homer City plant in a much better situation with job security for the membership and their families.  Your committee agrees that to do nothing is not an option. 
Union leadership (Paul Cameron, Ron Itell, Aric Baker, Dave Johnson and Cliff Frampton) and management met for two days on September 14th and 15th in an effort to agree on the terms of a voluntary separation program and the effect to the bargaining unit on staffing levels, contractors, bargaining unit working conditions and workplace flexibility.  
Meeting update - Progress has been made and your union committee believes there should be an agreement finalized for the Homer City bargaining unit members consideration very soon. 
As you know, the draft agreement is subject to change until both parties have reached a final agreement on all subjects.  After we have reached an agreement, details will be communicated and the offer will be taken for a vote. The concept of a voluntary separation program, similar to what was recently offered to management is currently on the draft agreement. 
After we have an agreement for membership consideration, meeting times and locations will be communicated for explanation meetings and vote. 
I hope to provide details of the offer late next week. 
In Solidarity,
Paul Cameron, Business Manager.
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