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Union Membership Holds Steady in 2017

Monday, January 29, 2018
The annual study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that union membership held steady in 2017 despite numerous attacks on labor at both the federal and state level.
The study found that 10.7% of workers are members of a union and another 1.2% of workers reported no union affiliation but were covered under a union contract. This means that 11.9% of employees are getting the benefits of working union. 34% of government workers said that they were in unions, while 6.5% of private sector workers were represented. Those numbers held steady from 2016. Nationally, 14.8 million people are in a union, a 262,000 person increase from 2016.
The study also found that there is a clear union advantage when it comes to pay. Union workers reported median weekly earnings of $1,041, while non-union employees made $829. This wage gap has remained virtually unchanged since 2000. Once again, African Americans have the highest union rate at 12.6%.
New York once again led the way as the strongest union state with 23.8% followed by Hawaii at 21.3% and Michigan was the most union, right to work state with 15.6% of workers in a union.

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