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Local 459's Western District
Updated On: Mar 13, 2020

Do you know who the western district is?

Scott Baker, Sr. Business Rep.

Our Western District members of Local 459 consist of an incredibly diverse group of workers, in many skilled trades and job titles. There are 15 different collective bargaining units in the Western District, covering Government/Municipal units, Electrical Manufacturing plants, Electrical Equipment Service shops, Maintenance, and Telecommunications.  Some examples include, broadband technicians and linemen, clerical staff, custodians, die setters and operators, electricians, equipment operators, inspectors, machinists, mechanics, motor technicians, operators, packers, plumbers, truck drivers, and welders. The largest employer in the western district is Eaton Corp., with just over 115 members working in the plant located in the Washington PA.  Eaton employees make up the largest manufacturing unit in Local 459. Despite the fact that manufacturing overall has declined in the United States, and many long-standing plants moved to Mexico or overseas, the facility in Washington has endured. Hard-working, dedicated crews in this plant have kept the business viable since it was organized into the IBEW 51 years ago.  The plant has been owned by several companies over the years but the workforce has always been IBEW strong. Close to half of the members in that facility have 25 plus years of seniority. With the current CBA expiring on January 12th, the men and women at Eaton Corp. are prepared for another tough contract negotiation.   

Another prominent employer in Local 459 and the Western District is Atlantic Broadband LLC. There we have 36 members (some of which work in the Central and North West districts of Local 459) linemen technicians, service technicians and installers, servicing approximately 3,000 miles of broadband internet and cable tv lines located in Fayette, Washington, Green, Warren, Clearfield, and Westmoreland counties in Pennsylvania as well as Cattaraugus county in New York and Monongalia County in West Virginia. The technicians at Atlantic Broadband have seen their cable systems repeatedly sold and merged over the past thirty-eight years, changing hands between eleven different owners and capital investment groups all the while maintaining a high standard of union quality workmanship, outstanding safety records, and staying ahead of quickly changing technology. As a result, they have maintained a strong position at the bargaining table.  The membership at Atlantic Broadband are some of the most active when it comes to attending union meetings and social functions, and they always bring along the stories of cable guy adventures into customer homes.

Nine separate Municipal contracts are coved by the Western District, with members in Beaver County. The last several years have seen ever-increasing challenges for the public sector unions. The supreme court ruling in the Janus-v-AFSME case has put the resolve of our membership to the test. However, Local 459 members in the public sector have spoken loudly and sent a message to the folks who would attempt to steal our voices in the workplace. WE ARE THE UNION!  We are proud to have members who stood up to the anti-union bureaucrats and stood strong as a UNION.

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